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The Headshot Photographer in and around the CITY of London

The images we create are perfect for use on casting websites such as Spotlight or Casting Call Pro.

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A headshot is the single most important
marketing tool for an Actor

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Professional headshots from an affordable £75

1½ Hour Shoot

3 Retouched Images

Choose from approx 150 Images

Up to 3 Changes of Clothing


I shoot only on location using flattering natural light, central London is a great place to shoot, lots of amazing places with great backdrops.

Two areas I shoot most are around Kings Cross and in the City of London - Moorgate/Barbican are particularly cool places to do a headshot session.

Central London Locations - Kings Cross - Moorgate - Barbican

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headshots london Anastasy

The Shoot

All headshot sessions are shot outside in flattering natural light - A headshot that looks like you on a good day

Most shoots are in and around the city of London, including evenings and weekends.
I've worked in central London for over 20 years and know the area very well, there are lots of cool and quiet places to shoot, no matter what the weather.

Before the shoot

Do get a good nights sleep - avoid a late night before.

Do drink plenty of water.

Be groomed.

Hair washed.

What to wear

Bring plenty of different tops, colours and necklines.

Always bring a few black tops - dark colours generally work well.

White tops work well unless you're very pale.

Avoid logos/big patterns.

Shirts/blouses often work.

Layers can work well, jacket/jumper over a top.

Don't jam tops in a bag, roll them to avoid creases.


Bring hair ties for long hair.

Normal makeup, don't go overboard.

After the Shoot

Proofs normally sent within 24 hours

Retouched images normally sent within 72 hours after selection

Images are also available in black & white at no extra cost

Extra retouched Images are £15 per image

If you require printed copies, Visual Eyes are London based and focus on headshots for actors

Every actor has to make sure that their headshots are up to date

Everything you need to know about headshots

If you're new to headshots some insights from the people at Spotlight

A headshot is the FIRST thing talent agents and casting directors will look at

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Silver Headshot Session

My most popular session. Shot in central London

1½ Hour Shoot

3 retouched images

Max of three clothes changes

Gold Headshot Session

Larger selection of images. Shot in central London

2 Hour Shoot

5 retouched images

Unlimited clothes changes

Shared Headshot Session

Share a session between two people - £60 each

2 Hour Shoot

3 retouched images each

Unlimited clothes changes

All images from shoot available to view online normally within 24 hours. Retouched images sent within three working days after selection. Additional retouched images can be purchased at a cost of £15 each

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Actors need headshots that will make you
stand out to a casting director


I hope I've covered most of your questions from the site, but if you wish to ask me anything else drop me a line.

Just to recap, I shoot outside using natural light, my favoured locations for headshots are central London, Moorgate/Kings Cross. If the weather is inclement I have areas that I can shoot that are covered.

I operate seven days a week, including evening in the summer months

My aim is to produce beautiful stunning professional headshots that will enhance your chances of getting that call from a casting agent.

I charge between £75-£120 for a session which I think is reasonable and hopefully affordable for an actor.

You can email me on for any questions or to arrange a shoot.

Stating which shoot you are interested in and location, central London or North Herts.

Instragram  Instragram

Contact me at


I've always had an interest in photography since the first time I picked a camera up when I was very young, I would take picture of anything, back then it was film based, exciting waiting for the images to come back from the developers.

Now I'm a photographer and everything is digital, no more waiting and now I take even more shots!

Until recently I focused on studio portraiture. This is where I discovered actor headshots and not looked back since. Actors are very different to models, really enjoy the interaction and find it very rewarding.

You'll find that my shoots are very relaxed and no pressure, this will come through in the images

If you're an actor and need a headshot drop me a line and we can get together and produce some stunning shots.

Is London the greatest city in the world? Probabily and certainly an amazing city to be a photographer in.

It’s great to be out of the studio and in natural light, it gives you something that you cannot get inside.

Most shoots are set in and around central London or North Herts.

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